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Academic Excellence

Departments and Programs

@ Notre Dame there is a focus on Catholic Graduate Expectations and academic excellence in all pathways. We have a wide selection of courses.  


Our small school environment allows for departments to work more collaboratively. There are many opportunities for cross-curricular experiences for students. 

Advanced Placement

Notre Dame currently offers Advanced Placement courses in Mathematics, Biology, English, French, and History. Senior AP exams allow students to experience the challenge of university content while completing courses at the high school level.  Those who participate in AP develop deep critical thinking skills that can be transferred to other subject areas and programs.


Students who write AP exams in Grade 11 and 12 are advised to register for AP courses in Grade 9. 


Advanced Placement programs at Notre Dame provide students with enrichment opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom!

Reading in the Library
French Flags

Extended French

We offer an Extended French program available to students beginning in Grade 9.


We offer Specialist High Skills Major programs in

Heath and Wellness as well as

Information and Communications Technology.

These programs provide students the opportunity to tailor their education at the senior level to their area of interest in a post-secondary pathway.

They are provided with unique experiential learning, sector-specific certifications and training and reach-ahead opportunities.

Students register for these programs in Grade 10 and begin in Grade 11.

Curriculum Vitae
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