Applying to Notre Dame


Information for students thinking of applying to Notre Dame as well as information for newly registered students.


Live @ Dame's House


On September 29th 2021, Notre Dame hosted a live Open House via Zoom.

It was an ambitious undertaking that captured the spirit of leadership and collaboration which are an integral part of Notre Dame's school culture.

If you were unable to join us live, please enjoy the video recording of the event as well as a short "behind-the-scenes" video. Our live event showcased only part of what makes Notre Dame so great-- so please watch our Student Testimonial videos as well.

What's it like at Notre Dame?

Student Testimonials

Hear from some of our students about their experiences at Notre Dame.


Why you should choose Notre Dame:

The Four Reasons Why

This is what makes us stand out.

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Academic Excellence

We have a reputation for excellence in education.

Our graduates are well prepared for

University and College.

Diverse Student Population

There is a rich and vibrant community, coming from different cultural and contextual backgrounds.

Single Gender School

Studies have shown* girls can benefit the most in the area of participation when boys

are not in the class.

Focus on the Whole Student

We are a  small community nurturing spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and personal well-being.

We are a  small community nurturing spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and personal well-being.


Notre Dame is steeped with tradition, but even more powerful is the Notre Dame community that continues to

grow and evolve.

*According to Streitmatter (1998) in the singles sex physics class 87.5% of the girls made an ‘A’ and 12.5% of the girls made a ‘B’; whereas in the coeducational class only 14.3% of the girls made an ‘A’, 14.3% made a ‘B’, and 71.4% made a ‘C’.

Answers to some of the most asked questions


School registration deadline for the 2022-23 Academic year is

November 1, 2021.


All applications will be directed to the waitlist after January 13.

(Confirmation or Redirection on January 13)


There are three ways to shop for your school uniform:

1. Your School E-Store

Shop online by ‘searching for our school’ at:

2. Private Appointments

Are available after June 14th.  Book a personalized fitting by choosing ‘book an appointment’ on your home store site accessible on: 

3. Your School Call Centre
Your call-centre is open for shopping!

Call 416-593-6900 or toll-free at 1-800-668-8261