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Notre Dame High School Department of

Technological Education

Students learn best by doing. This curriculum therefore adopts an activity-based, project-driven approach that involves students in problem solving as they develop knowledge and skills and gain experience in the technological subject area of their choice.

Futuristic Cyborg

The Future of Technology is Female

At Notre Dame High School we offer an exciting array of Technological Education courses that provide our students with the opportunity to explore various areas and disciplines related to the Technology sector and develop transferrable technological skills which will prepare them for careers of the future.

Notre Dame offers specialized Technological Education courses that are unique to our school.

Our Technological Education teachers have years of industry experience and training in their respective Technological Education areas.

We are the only school in the TCDSB to offer a Fashion-focused Technological Design course.

We are the only single-gender school in the TCDSB to offer courses in Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

Our Technological Education students not only regularly compete in the Skills Canada competitions, but often progress to the provincial and even national levels of competition, representing the TCDSB.

Communications Technology

In Communications Technology, students learn to use industry-standard software such as the Adobe After Effects, Animate, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere.


They create diverse media productions and explore areas including Film-making, Photography, Graphic Design, Animation, and Game Design.

Students also use experimental emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality.

Video Camera Lens
Interior Designer

Technological Design

In Technological Design, students explore a variety of areas related to design including Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Automotive Design, Landscape Design, Industrial Design and Engineering.

Students learn how to use 3D rendering and CAD applications. They are able to use our 3D printers for rapid prototyping to make their designs reality.

Hospitality and Tourism

Our Hospitality courses empower students to develop and gain confidence in their cooking skills and safe food preparation.  Special emphasis is placed on students developing skills in preparing and presenting food, global food issues, controlling inventory, and managing school events and activities. 


Students will develop knowledge of the health and safety standards within the hospitality industry and environmental and societal issues surrounding food, and career opportunities in the tourism industry.  Students have the opportunity to cater school functions and events as well.

Bacon Bruschetta
Fashion Designer Studio

Emphasis Courses

In addition to our broad-based courses, Notre Dame we offer specialized Technological Education courses such as:

- Fashion: Apparel and Textile Design

- Photography

- Graphic Communications

- TV/ Video

- Culinary Arts

The Goals of Technological Education

The goals of the technological education curriculum are to enable students to:

  • gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts underlying technological education;

  • achieve the level of technological competence they will need in order to succeed in their postsecondary education or training programs or in the workplace;

  • develop a creative and flexible approach to problem solving that will help them address challenges in various areas throughout their lives;

  • develop the skills, including critical thinking skills, and the knowledge of strategies required to do research, conduct inquiries, and communicate findings accurately, ethically, and effectively;

  • develop lifelong learning habits that will help them adapt to technological advances in the changing workplace and world;

  • make connections that will help them take advantage of potential postsecondary educational and work opportunities.

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