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The Notre Dame High School Department of


At ND Arts we believe Art transforms lives.  It records, mirrors and deconstructs our own experiences and opens us to understanding ourselves and worlds other than our own. Our Arts program is centred around the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of each student. Arts courses stress connection- with each other, with our audiences, and with ourselves.  Our goal is to help students uncover and develop their gifts, build confidence and make a positive impact on their world.



Notre Dame is one of the only schools in the TCDSB to offer courses in Dance.

We also have two competitive dance teams: Avidity-- our Hip Hop dance crew and Ovation-- our Contemporary dance group.

Dramatic Arts

Drama is an expression of a basic human need to tell stories about ourselves and others, and to create meaning through narrative and metaphor. Drama provides a unique opportunity to connect as artists and audiences. Through stories, dramatic arts teaches us how to question the world we live in. It exposes the roots of our own struggles and it teaches us how to empathize with the struggles of our fellow human beings. If you welcome challenges like these, then we invite you to collaborate with us!



We offer instrumental music at all grade levels.

Visual Arts

We offer Visual Arts at all Grade levels.

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