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ND Welcomes Rapper D.O. Gibson

On Thursday February 10, 2022 during period 1 classes, ND welcomes Hip-Hop artist and speaker Duane "D.O." Gibson as part of our Black History Month celebrations. Gibson is a Guinness World Record-setting rapper, celebrating his twentieth year of visiting schools! He has also freestyled with Snoop Dogg, the Raptors play his music at their games and Drake has even appeared in one of them! He is a fifth-generation Black Canadian and will be sharing stories of Black Canadian history.

He will be delivering his Black Canadian 365 program, which has been profiled in the Globe and Mail, City TV, Entertainment Tonight Canada and more. In this program, Gibson talks about Viola Desmond, who stood up for her rights by sitting down at a movie theatre in Nova Scotia. Recently her image was added to the ten-dollar bill. He talks about freedom fighter Josiah Henson - a slave that travelled the Underground Railroad for freedom in Canada, became a landowner and helped others free and empower other Black Canadians. This presentation is interactive, and he engages students - even in a virtual space.

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